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Daily Bible Reading Is a Joyful Task That Is Never Complete

The Bible is not merely a human book, in which we might easily crack our blades on an impenetrable bottom. The “rocks” we sometimes hit are actually buried treasure, hidden caches that will enrich our study of God’s Word and draw us nearer to the Lord, if only we’ll keep digging. 

What Does the Bible Say about Anger?

So how do we make sense of anger? How can we be instructed to get rid of all anger—and that anger is unwise and for the fools—yet God is described as getting angry?

All in One: the Gentle and Fierce Nature of God and Jesus

The Lamb, Jesus Christ, is the embodiment of God when He “disarmed authorities and powers” by His death and resurrection. He is qualified to fulfill every promise of God using ferocious power against the enemy. He was willing to be destroyed, and works to destroy sin – for you!

What God Means by 'My Grace Is Sufficient for You'

Are we enough? In short, no. We cannot rely on ourselves; rather, we need to fully rely on God. Christians often forget that the verse where this originates (2 Corinthians 12:9) comes from a place of weakness and frailty. God’s grace fills the holes that other things we try to rely on cannot.

What the Bible Teaches Us about Adoption

Moses, Esther, the children of Israel, We are all orphans adopted into the family as children of God. Here's what the Bible has to say about this beautiful concept.

Jezebel - What Her Life and Story from the Bible Teach Us

Jezebel is known by many as the name representing a woman with dangerous and harmful intentions in mind, who never hesitated to create the downfalls of others in order for her plans to work. Jezebel wasn’t a figment of people’s imaginations, but a real woman who was possibly one of the first feminists in our history.

What Does "Hallowed Be Thy Name" Mean?

This phrase from The Lord’s Prayer is among the most widely known passages of Scripture, right along with the Ten Commandments, Psalm 23 and John 3:16. But in spite of it being so well-known and so often repeated, do we really know what it means, or why we are saying that God’s name should be “hallowed”?

4 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture as a Teen

When we read a passage of Scripture, it’s easy to skim over the boring or difficult parts without paying much attention. But you can’t do that when you’re memorizing. When you memorize a passage of Scripture (a better approach, by the way, than memorizing isolated verses!), you must become intimately acquainted with every sentence and phrase.


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