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For $140 you can save five babies' lives! Give now!

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Ultrasounds Prevent Abortions

You can save a baby’s life for just $28!

Pre-Born is a ministry doing just that by offering free ultrasound sessions to pregnant women and girls who might otherwise choose to end their pregnancies. We know that pregnant girls and women who can see their babies on ultrasound are far more likely to choose life.

Just $28 can give a mother who is abortion-minded the chance to see the truth of the baby that is growing inside her; $140 can do this for five girls and women. And a $15,000 gift will provide an ultrasound machine that will save lives for years to come!

Whether you want to save one baby, five or hundreds, that opportunity is just a phone call or click away. Call 833-850-BABY (2229) or CLICK HERE to give online.


Free from Dr. Michael Youseff

As you pray for the salvation of loved ones and friends, know that you:

  • Don’t fight the battle alone
  • Rest in the fact that only God can change hearts
  • Can ask for opportunities to share the Gospel
  • And most of all, don’t give up.

Those are insights in Prayers for Your Unsaved Loved Ones: A Complete Scripture Guide, free from Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youseff when you CLICK HERE.


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