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Education at a Lower Cost

It's not to late to make the change!
See if the Christian school experience is right for your child without paying full price.

Taking the Rainbow Back

United God's people to stand up for righteousness!

"I want to be able to communicate with, encourage, and unite as many believers as possible, so that God's people can rise up and reclaim the rainbow for Him." - Rabbi Schneider

101.5 WORD·FM Weekend Music

Hear the best new music first, classics from the past, Pittsburgh artists and your requests & dedications every Saturday and Sunday afternoon! See where your favorite song ranks on the Pop Top 20 Countdown (Sat. 6-8 pm). And win CDs by your favorite artists every Sunday afternoon!

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Give to Cross International

Give Vulnerable Children* Life Saving Resources like Food, Water, and Bibles to Help Them Thrive!

*In countries like Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, and other countries where Cross International works.


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