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Destined for Victory  with Paul Sheppard

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Destined for Victory is the broadcast ministry of Pastor Paul Sheppard. You’ll be informed and inspired by practical, down-to-earth teachings blended with humor. Sermons air each weekday and are available online through our podcast.
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Weighing in with God (cont'd)
The foolish thinking and behavior of King Belshazzar; three directives for avoiding the mistakes he made; based on Daniel chapter 5. (Included in the 6-part series “Standing for Right in a Wrong World”.) CLICK HERE to ORDER this full message on MP3!

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The Power of Your Focus (DVD)

When Moses sent twelve men to spy out the land of Canaan, they returned with two very different reports. Ten of them focused on the giants and walled cities while the other two, Caleb and Joshua, focused on the fact that God Himself had promised the land to Israel. In this presentation, Pastor Paul makes a compelling case that the key to experiencing victory in life is to agree with and obey God, no matter what obstacles stand in our way


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