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Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

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Turning Point's Mission: Delivering the Unchanging Word of God to an Ever-Changing World

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A Joyful Thanksgiving, Part 2
Joy and thanksgiving go hand-in-hand. Hopefully you’ve witnessed it, but are you contributing to it? How do you demonstrate your thankfulness and joy? Today on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah offers some biblical guidance to help you become more expressive in sharing your joy and gratitude to the Lord.

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The Written Word

This Is How David Jeremiah Begins His Weekly Sermon Preparation...For years, David Jeremiah has begun his weekly sermon preparation by copying the central Scripture passage word-for-word using pen and paper. About this habit, he says, “It’s hard to describe, but the blessing and insights I have received from this practice are almost incalculable.”To guide you through this powerful process, David has designed The Written Word Journal for the book of Romans. Request your copy this month with a gift of any amount.


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