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Bill Pearce

Bill Pearce

Bill Pearce (1926 – 2010) was an American singer, solo trombonist, nationally syndicated broadcaster and inductee into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

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Bill started in radio at WMBI following World War 2 as a member of both the Melody Four and Sixteen Singing Men singing groups. The Nightsounds program quickly gained a broad listening audience not only among believers, but with cynics and agnostics as well. When Bill left WMBI in the early 1970's, the program had expanded to nearly 100 stations that carried the program.
Today NightSounds' office is located in Rockford, Illinois, and the program is broadcast each night over more than 300 AM/FM, satellite, cable, and translator outlets across the U.S., Canada, and overseas.  You may also listen to the program from our web site, nightsoundsradio.org.  We are also excited about the new APP which you may download for free and listen from your IPhone or IPad.
Over the years, Bill became well known as a radio personality, as an accomplished musical recording artist who produced several albums, and also as an author.

In 1992, Bill was inducted into the National Religious Broadcaster's Hall of Fame. He received this award at the NRB's 49th Anniversary Banquet in Washington, D.C. This tribute is presented to a few select Christian broadcasters, who have achieved wide recognition in the field of electronic media, with the highest standards of quality and integrity.


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