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About Dave Trepanier

Dave Trepanier knew he wanted to teach God’s Word when he was in the eighth grade. So, since graduating from Northland International University (2005), and obtaining a Master’s Degree from The Master’s Seminary (2009), Dave has been taking advantage of a variety of teaching opportunities.  He and his wife Keara -- a Pittsburgh native -- served as missionaries for a year on the island of Saint Vincent. It was there, at the Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean, that Dave enhanced his skills as he led classes in theology, Bible, Greek, and music. Even now, as pastor of Gospel Life Church in Evans City (2012), eager students are often found pouring over Greek texts in his office in the early hours of the morning. Before coming to Evans City, Dave served as an assistant pastor of Santa Clarita Baptist Church (California) for two years, until he was called to Western Pennsylvania.

Relatively new to the field of Christian radio, Dave is enthusiastic about being part of the WORD / WPIT team. He believes that as the culture dramatically changes around us, believers need -- now more than ever -- consistent Word-based preaching to help them define their biblical worldview and to encourage them through their trials. No longer can Christians be satisfied with a cursory understanding of God’s Word, especially if they expect to remain steadfast in their faith and to be an effective witness for Christ to the lost.  

Dave has roots New England, and occasionally you can pick up shades of a Massachusetts accent in his preaching, as well as a nod to his favorite Boston sports teams. Nora, Judah, and Colette call him “Dad,” and when he is not prepping for a sermon, attending to church business, studying for his doctorate degree (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), or recording a radio program, you might find him on a soccer field, training for a mud run, coaching his kids, or enjoying a great cup of coffee. 


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