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Prager’s wisdom in The Pilgrims

Study With Friends

Host: Holly Lazzaro

The mission of Study With Friends is to help you, whoever you are, draw closer to Jesus Christ as your Savior, and to the Father through Him. Whether you are seeking answers and not yet ready to make that commitment, or whether you are a seasoned bible study veteran, you will find something useful here to dig deeper into the things of God. 

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About Holly Lazzaro

When Holly Lazzaro was 13 years old she read the book “Joni” and prayed the prayer printed in the back of the book. Without support in place, she eventually fell away from Jesus and by her freshman year at I.U.P. she found herself in dire need of a recommitment. Maybe that’s why she's so passionate about Bible study and fellowship among believers — she knows how easy it is to get dragged back into the world and all therein.

Today she is a working wife and mom, struggling like many other women to prioritize the things of God in her life. She still knows how easy it is to let Bible study drop to the bottom of the list. But she also knows how much regular study with other believers can enrich and edify her life. 


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