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Prager’s wisdom in The Pilgrims

First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

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Host: Tom Hall

If you could put a church anywhere in America, you’d put one right here, in the middle of the city acclaimed as the “most livable” in the country. -- Since 1773.

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About Tom Hall

Tom is the 15th Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church; both a privilege and responsibility he takes seriously.  

Tom admits he was a marginal Christian for much of his life. In 1999, he realized that his two sons needed to see their father living out his faith. He quit making excuses that he was too busy for church. One thing led to another, and friends started suggesting that Tom had found a calling to a second career in ministry.

Tom and his wife Jana moved to Pittsburgh in 2005 so that Tom could attend Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. (He and his son took several classes together). It was their 19th move. In 2004 he completed a 30-year career in the Air Force as a full colonel. His assignments included flying operations, reconnaissance, intelligence, flight test, international duty, and three command tours. Tom's academic credentials include a BS from the US Air Force Academy, an MS from the University of Southern California, an MDiv from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Humane Letters from Waynesburg University.

Jana heads the list of his interests, followed by golf, lattes, movies, and travelling. A little known fact is that Tom still owns his first car, a 1973 Corvette, which he bought when he was a senior at the Air Force Academy.

Over the years, Tom has been featured in local news articles and videos. These will give you more insight into his love for God and Pittsburgh. 


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