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Biz 'Burgh

Hosted by the Pittsburgh Salem Media Staff

Spotlighting local businesses.


Host: John Arnold

Crossroads Ministries in Finleyville

First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

Host: Tom Hall

First Presbyterian Church is a dynamic, transforming church, where all are welcome, lives are changed, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is lived and proclaimed. If you could put a church anywhere in America, you’d put one right here, in the middle of the city acclaimed as the “most livable” in the country. They’ve been here since 1773. ​ Yet cities aren’t always “livable” for everyone. Plenty of folks are hurting, hungry, homeless, and more. Everyone needs the love, grace, and truth of Jesus Christ. Reaching out with compassion to the heart of the city and around the world, listen and experience vibrant, classic worship.

God With Us

Host: Pastor Daniel Hahn

Pittsburgh Tri-Parish Lutheran Churches

On The Money

Host: Brian Quaranta

Live retirement advice from Brian Quaranta of Secure Money Advisors.

Words of Grace

Host: Jim Rose

The Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible


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