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Obedience. Aint’t it Grand?

Now, I know my stands of flowers aren’t exactly Isaac on the altar and we shouldn’t pretend they are. The purpose of this post is not piety or admiration, it’s illustration and education.

Last Place Winners

Do you know why the Bible says, “My flesh and heart may fail… BUT God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever?”

A Holy Hard Pass

Why do we allow ourselves to assume the postures and positions of the guilty or condemned when such a precious price has been paid to make us free? Be done. Gonna be a hard pass here.

Fear Not… For Real.

Believer. You are a child of the Most-High God. Pride in being so greatly affected, by so very little… has no place in your heart, mind, mouth, or habits. Build a bridge. Get thee over it.

This Is Worship. Part I

This is the first of two posts on worship, multiple perspectives on one moment. HOW we worship matters to WHO we worship. Here’s why…


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